Which Project Phases are there?
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Project Phases

Defined processes provide clean interfaces, guaranteed quality and planning security.  With our experienced project managers we offer you support in this complex process.

Ideas, proposals and requirements from the customer are the starting point of every project. In close cooperation, these are professionally implemented  during the processes of design, production and delivery.


Consulting and Order

After detailed consultation and coordination with the customer we prepare a comprehensive offer, which forms  the basis for the  contract award and further project development. The delivery contract governs the mutual obligations.



The first step in project development is the detailed elaboration of our 3D plans, including all relevant sections and the connection points for the definition of the interfaces. The work plan illustrates aesthetic features as well as the technical fittings, construction and technical details.



On customer request, we create a mock-up bathroom for the practical coordination of all relevant details and quality of execution. The presentation of innovative bathroom concepts in the early project phase is often crucial for a smooth project flow in later stages and gives customers a real feel and security regarding the aesthetics.



Upon signed approval of the works plan, the procurement of materials and production begins.



Following a pre-agreed, detailed delivery programme, the pods are delivered to the construction site with articulated lorries. 


Aproval and Customer Service

Acceptance  of the delivered is carried out together with the client. Of course, our company is also available for questions, maintenance and warranty issues after the delivery