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The prefabricated bathroom pod in GRP

The Saniflex line refers to a prefabricated wet cell in lightweight construction, whereby the self-supporting elements of the cell body are made of sandwich panels in glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

The special feature of the product line is the composition of the panels: Sanika pods are manufactured by combining a compound of composite layers. The combination of different specialist materials creates a sandwich panel with a total thickness of about 30mm. This is the same type of technique used in the marine industry, sometimes referred to as “marine grade composite”. The multi-layer composite GRP panels provide inherent stiffness and stability for the bathroom pod, while maintaining a low weight and giving a good sound insulation.

We offer a wide range of over 40 bathroom pods with practical bathroom layouts, particularly advantageous in the student accommodation and healthcare sectors.

Advantages of this product line are:

  • Bathroom solution for high hygiene requirements.
  • Fully waterproof through the one-piece, trough-shaped design of the flooring.
  • Robustness and durability through the compact design of the scratch-resistant sandwich panels.
  • Practically zero-maintenance during operation.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Enormous reduction in construction time through preassembly.
  • Flexible installation options from above as well as from  the side of the structure.
  • The Saniflex bath solution is the lightest commercially available prefab bathroom, with significant static and structural advantages.
  • Outstanding price-quality ratio.