The fast system in elements for renovations of existing buildings.
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Pre-assembled elements for rapid construction progress

Renovation of existing buildings is becoming even more important today. Reduced access, existing walls and narrow areas in the building make it difficult to install a prefabricated bathroom pod as a full unit.

We can offer our customers the ideal solution for these situations: prefabricated bathroom pods in sections. Sanielement is our patented design for tailored requirements.

The construction system is based on extremely flat floor and ceiling panels made of an aluminium honeycomb profile. This is combined with an aluminium frame profile as a structural framework, is connected with an innovative plug-in  system and is lined with galvanised sheet-steel sandwich panels.
Due to the light weight, Sanielement as well as Saniflex are a proven alternative and well-suited in critical structural conditions.

Advantages of this product line are:

  • Enormous reduction in construction times through preassembly, especially when the building is in use.
  • Significant reduction in dust and noise pollution during construction through our prefabricated solution.
  • Tailored design possibilities and flexibility in floor plan and fittings.
  • Consistent high quality of execution compared to conventional construction.
  • The entire bathroom is sourced from a single supplier at a fixed price.
  • The lightweight design guarantees structural advantages and less stress on the existing structure.