Saniclass, tiled prefabricated bathroom

100% Individuality

Let your wishes free

Sanika distinguishes itself from the competitors thanks to an innovative concept. The prefabricated bathroom Saniclass conveys the feeling of a traditionally built bathroom. With modern construction techniques, high quality materials and a sophisticated system, Sanika offers a unique solution for the bathroom pod. A solution patented by Sanika. The prefabricated bathrooms Saniclass offer the client the opportunity of choosing the surface finishes: tiles, marble, glass, plastic materials or wood, there is almost no limit to the freedom of choice. The construction system is modular and meets the most exacting technical requirements. All dimensions (walls, floor, ceiling) are variable, allowing you to design your own bespoke bathroom.


  • honeycomb
  • concrete
  • GRP
  • steel chassis


  • honeycomb
  • GRP
  • gypsum fibre board
  • moisture resistand MFC


  • GRP
  • sandwich panel
  • steel frame
Internal impressions
External impressions