About us

Sanika produces prefabricated bathroom pods in lightweight and is specialized in the market sectors hotels, health care (NHS, private hospitals, care homes), student accommodation and social housing. Working directly with architects, constructors and clients, Sanika is one of Europe’s market leaders, producing more than 2,000 pods every year.

Sanika aims, through its prefabricated bathrooms, to set a new standard in Europe. The use of new materials, a customer-friendly design, first-class quality and the use of new technologies will give a new image to the prefabricated bathroom. Sanika’s vision is to become the leading expert for lightweight prefabricated bathrooms in Europe.

Sanika is part of the family owned “Haka” company group with more than 400 employees. This inherent family value and strength ensure that Sanika can combine flexibility and financial stability.

Sanika’s showroom and main sales department are based in South Tyrol, a German-speaking area in Italy. The bathroom pod production is located in Storo, northern Italy.

A significant part of the company’s success is due to the symbiotic combination of the German and Mediterranean culture combined with Italian design and the recognized precision of South Tyrolean manufacturing.